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We’ll design and typeset all your pages to your complete satisfaction, including any front matter (title page, copyright page, table of contents, acknowledgements, dedication, preface, foreword, introduction) or back matter (bio with photo, references, bibliography, glossary, index) you may have.

Pages Design Process

The steps outlined below explain every stage of your page design in the order you can expect them to occur.

Step 1: Free initial consultation

Email us to discuss your page design ideas and we’ll get to know each other a bit before deciding whether to work together. There is no obligation.

Step 2: Choosing a page design

We’ll discuss your manuscript in detail, and I’ll learn about your target audience and what elements are in your book. Then we will prepare two or three designs for your pages based on our discussion. Each design will consist of the first page of a chapter, followed by a two-page spread. You’ll have choices of typefaces and layout, and we will create your final design template according to your preferences.

Step 3: Sending your final manuscript

When your manuscript is ready, you can email us your document together with any images. If your files are too large to send by email, we can use a free online file transfer service.
It’s important that your manuscript be as clean as possible before going into your page design.

Step 4: Typesetting your book

When we receive your manuscript, we will flow your text into the final design template and place your images. Each page will be typeset, including the front and back matter. We’ll create your title page, copyright page, table of contents, and any other front and back matter you’d like to include in your book. Then We’ll send you a PDF of your completed pages for review.

Step 5: Reviewing and proofreading your pages

Review each page carefully for any errors. Your editor or proofreader will also want to review it for you. In fact, the more eyes the better! Now is the time to make any last-minute corrections.

Send us your proofreading corrections included in the PDF file and we’ll update your pages and send you a new PDF for review.

Step 6: Payout and Sending files

When you’re satisfied that your pages are perfect, you will send us a confirmation by e-mail and pay the agreed fee, and we will send you the final PDF file prepared for printing.